January 18 2020. Birmingham, UK.

Inclusion Programme

We're committed to running an accessible, inclusive and safe conference for everyone. We're working with My Kind of Tech to add extra ✨ to our inclusion programme.

Our inclusion programme includes tickets for those in under-represented groups in tech. This includes, but isn't limited to: LGBTQIA+ people, people of colour, women, non-binary people, and those with disabilities. It does not include white, straight men. Our application process should only take 5 minutes, and doesn't ask you to disclose any information which is sensitive. If you have questions about it, please get in touch with us via email.

Ticket-only scholarships

We are committed to give away at least 20% of our available tickets to this kind of scholarship.

  • Completely free ticket
  • You still have to cover the cost of travel (and accommodation if there is any).

Full scholarships

We plan to make some full scholarships available pending sponsorship. In 2019 we awarded 8 of these.

  • Completely free ticket
  • Accommodation & travel covered in advance
  • Stipend to cover related costs
  • Only available for people travelling from the UK
Apply for a scholarship before October 31st 2019
  • Code of Conduct

    Our event has a Code of Conduct which will be enforced. All attendees, sponsors, team members and vendors will be expected to abide by it.

  • Venue

    Our venue is accessible to those with wheelchairs and those who would prefer to not use stairs. We also have gender neutral toilets available.

  • Closed Captioning

    We've arranged for talks to be transcribed live, which will be displayed alongside the speaker's slides. The transcripts will also be available after the event and as Closed Captions within the YouTube video recordings.

  • Speakers

    Speakers are selected by blind review of their proposed talks without any identifying information. They are being paid, and provided 1-to-1 mentoring sessions to support first-time speakers.

  • Food

    All food will be vegan, with good options for anyone who has more specific dietary requirements. This will extend throughout the event.

  • Care Team

    We have a dedicated care team who exist to support any attendees who need support during the event. This is provided by My Kind Of Tech.

  • Pronoun Awareness

    It's important to us that people use each others' preferred pronouns. As well as pronoun badges, we'll be making sure the audience is made aware of what pronouns are in the opening talk.

  • Childcare

    We will provide stipends for childcare to scholarship recipients. We will provide these in-advance to ensure attendees are cost neutral.

The Underland and My Kind Of Tech teams hope this will make the event comfortable for everyone. If there's something more you think we could be doing, please get in touch.