January 18 2020. Birmingham, UK.

January 18 2020. Birmingham, UK.

We're back! An affordable one day conference for early-career developers to talk about the non-technical skills needed for a happy, healthy work life.

You Got This is for...

Soon-to-be juniors

Folks looking to soon get their first developer role (not just students, also career-changers)

Current juniors

Junior devs looking to skill-up and grow professionally into their next roles


Managers and team leaders wanting to know more and better support their team

We talk about subjects such as...

Imposter syndrome, giving feedback, burnout, managing stress, sharing knowledge, creating learning environments, 1-to-1 reviews negotiation, asking for help, learning, ethics in tech, living wekk, saying no, self-care, teaching others

Made possible by...

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Here's who's speaking...

Never stop stopping - real talk about when to walk away

Amy Dickens (@RedRoxProjects)

More details

How to find your perfect mentor, when you don’t know how

Amina Adewusi (@a_adewusi)

More details

Unions Got This - Organising the Tech Trade

Dan Parkes (@dancparkes)

More details

0 to 100 Real Quick - Making your First Days Count

Nathaniel Okenwa (@chatterboxCoder)

More details

So good they can't ignore you! 😎

Gargi Sharma (@gawwrgi)

More details

Company Culture, Performance Reviews & You

Ruth Lee (@yoursruthlessly)

More details

It's not your job to love your job

Keziyah Lewis (@KeziyahL)

More details

Level Up: Developing Developers

Melinda Seckington (@mseckington)

More details

Learning to Invest in Your Future

Matthew Gilliard (@MaximumGilliard)

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And your lovely hosts are...

Matt & Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is obsessed with fostering more equal access to technology and meaningful work in tech. She leads the TechSpeakers program at Mozilla, hosts the Pursuit Podcast And always wants to hear more about what you’re working on.

Coming from a background in education and training, Matt did a coding bootcamp in 2017, worked in web development for a while, and is now a GitHub supportocat, helping developers solve technical problems.

And here's what happened last year...

A selection of images from 2019's event
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